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new Bo2 mod (cod 4 server)
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Wed Mar 16 2016, 12:09am
Ultimate Haxor OverLord

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Okey looks like we got new server bo2 mod (Im crying of hapiness love ballista and can rekt noobs)

and + I have been playing on this mod before so I got experience to what map we should use and guns ect.

so I will make a small list what we should change


Name we have to put Bo2 mod or other people will get seriously confuse when they going to download mod BOOM bo2 wtf

so now we have name: M.K| Cordis DIE TDM High XP
I would like to change it to M.K| Bo2 mod TDM (and here we can add COrdis high xp or what ever u want)


Downloading SIZE + maps

Gidder how much place take this mod with only REGULAR MAPS nothing special add ??

I would add few maps, like Nuketown, Rust, Poolday and Pool party (works perfectly believe me :>)
I would like to see how it goes with them, they are small - average size + we wont become so fast popular so if we add BIG maps then more place to download people mya quit faster + you wont run on big map with like 1 enemy :/

I have few other maps too, but I would like to see how they works now.


Is this server going to be hardcore ? or regular mod ? cuz IF YES hardcore then we have to DECREASE POWER AND RANGE of this automatic shotgun, its incredible big, almost ONE SHOT across ALL small maps and u are dead, and OFC all noobs will pick it and REKT even phantasy so IDK how it will work on regular mod but we have to test it.


I see that Rizwansection add few rules on gametracker
1 I want to speak with hiim, anyone have contact ? facebook or idk something.
2. Rules

nr 8
Clan Tag Clan Tag can only be on our members names and if you tried to use our clan tag you will be warned if you didnt remove it you will get banned.

ahhhhh I would first warm 3 times then kick and if they come back I will kick them once again kick
REASON WHY ? well it sure will take time before we reach stable players, so bassicly each players count so be VERY GENTLE

nr 9
Religion You are free to speak about your religion in your circles whether you are Muslim, Hindu or Christian, and free to believe in it proudly but make sure you don't debate other clan members religions in any way that may offend them, with bad languages or jokes or misrepresentation . this is no place for religious conflicts ,You will get only 2 warnings at first then you will be permanently banned.

well there is only one small thing I would like to change: WARN - kick and ONLY if necessary ban for FEW HOURS + YOU SAY TO THEM, something like "OK thats enough we dont tolerate such a behaviour RE-think then you will come back"

nr 12
Scripts Any kind of scripts not allowed or you will get Banned from our server. Ever Bounces and fast ripe fire Not Allowed.

LIsten ITS NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM that your MOUSE wheel dont work or that you dont like to use two buttons to use as shot fire, ITS YOUR PROBLEM

for my glory mother SOUL fuck off from that, thank you :>

AND very important, as most of us here have experience with trying to populate servers so that WE dont BAN players, NOPE I mean like NO NO NO, :>
in these worse scenerio we ban them ONLY for 5 hours + we tell them something like that "OK thats enough we dont tolerate such a behaviour RE-think then you will come back I WILL ban u for 5 hours"
Most of the time only retards or crying kid are making such a problems and when they cool down they will understand

SAME WITH CHEATERS boys, I have seen few very bad wallhakers, but decide to not ban them, 1 reason they suck so much that its not a big different, to get easily killed, 2 and I think most important these that use hakers just to troll server, admins ect are using cracked key, and what that means is that I can find a cracked key and then try to join server but I am already permanent banned, so when u see these types of hakers just ban them for 1 day,

ohhhhhhhhhh KPAX how can u say it ? only one day nooooo.

YEs my sons :> he know exactly that he got banned for hax so what hes going to do is immediately change key and start rampage over and over again, every time with different key, and there is a lot of regular players that use cracked key so think about it, Only one day

Believe me :>

its was just quick few thoughts I had, tell what u think, and pls give me contact to this guy rizwansection or / rizwanbabar or what ever hes name is :>
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Wed Mar 16 2016, 12:41pm
Even the dankest of memers come to an end. RIP morale 2k13.

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About as gay as a bisexual
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Wed Mar 16 2016, 08:00pm

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Ok i have look at your dement my lord K-Pax (next time don't hurt me again with this :S)

First off all i am going to say i decided to move a server to our USA dedicated server box, so we have a server for our own.
So and now your idea's:

1 one:
You have indeed a strait point about the server name it's need to have something in the name to see what mod it is running.
So we called it M.K| BO2 mod TDM

2 one:
The download size i can't down scale it so i only have add the small maps to it.
At the moment the download size is: 333 MB (209MB for the mod) and (124 MB for the usermaps)

3 one:
I think it's the best way to use regular mod for this mod so we need to idd test that shotgun out before all thoise noobs going to use it =_=.

4 one:
I think we can set some rules up for the server at gametracker so the see what are going to happend if there is a admin online and if he is going to hack.

Also i add b3 to the server for the control so we don't have to use rcon :>.

I hope i have give you so en of answers about your idea's.

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Fri Mar 18 2016, 01:59am
Ultimate Haxor OverLord

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Sorry guys I answer now, just come back to poland for Easter (idk why but at least I will bring my mousepad back to norway :> )

OK it seems very nice Gidder I just hope players will deal with that file size and dont quit so fast

Yea I always talk to the other clan that hardcore mode is too bad for it, that regular would be perfect and now dream come true :>

Here is IP of the same server GId but with hardcore mod
You can join and just see how powerfull this gun is ++++++ I there was a conversation on GB clan about decreasing power of this gun few weeks ago so they may have done this already but WE surely have to test this gun, I can do it with big pleasure :>

idk do you have contact with the other guy ? will he even play on server or just wanted to help with creation of new one ?
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